Sunday, September 11, 2011

A quick update from the past few weeks of life..
Joe has been wanting to go camping for a long time and since camping really is not my thing I kept declining the offer. I finally gave in since the weather is just perfect in Cedar right now. We left Friday night with Justin, Weston, Joe and myself to set up camp because Stephanie and Kyle wouldn't be able to drive up until after they got off work. They boys wanted to camp at Duck Creek but it was already full when we got there, so we drove down the mountain a little bit to Navajo Lake. We pulled up right next to this humungo lake and made camp a little up the hill. It was such a gorgeous area (and it even had a nice bathroom too) Joe, Justin and I started to set up the tents while we sent our pyro Weston to collect wood and start the fire. We got the first tent set up really easy and then pulled out the second one for the girls. As we were unrolling the plastic we soon realized that this large piece of mesh and plastic was in fact a canopy, not a tent. I got a little worried because we girls could not stay in the boy tent... no sir ree. So Joe and Justin drove down the mountain until they got service so they could call Kyle to bring up an actual tent. We waited around chatting at the fire untill Kyle and Stephanie came. It was super chilly and dark so we wanted to get that tent set up quick! As we tried to setting up, we came to realize (again) that our bag was not a tent, but a rain guard and poles. I freaked out a little bit because there was no way the girls and boys were sharing a tent but it actually turned out really great because Stephanie and I slept in Joe's new car... which ended up being so comfy and really warm. I ate my weight in s'mores that night ( we learned to use reese's cups and rolos along with the generic s'more)  The camping trip turned out to be a whole bunch of fun. Who know's maybe I'll go again someday ;)

This is my next s'more adventure... Strawberry jelly and strawberries??! yum.
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Since Joe is the Ultimate Frisbee club president I thought this year I would give it a try and join the club to play. It's been a whole lot of fun playing with everyone. I'm still learning all the rules and techniques but I think i'm catching on. I have also been trained trained to call it "disk," apparently frisbee has a bad connotation.
We play "disk" every Tuesday and Thursday evening, it's so nice to do something active once I'm done with school for the day. I also swim every MWF morning to try and keep myself in shape even if I don't feel like I am.
School has been pretty good up to this week. Human Biology is really kicking my butt. Luckily I have a really smart boyfriend who is a genius so he helps me out a lot. My first test for Human Bio is this week so we'll have to see how that goes. I'm also working this week on making a bulletin board for my education class. I honestly had no idea how much preparation goes into making one. It has been a lot harder than thought getting materials and supplies.
Yesterday we went to the first home football game at SUU. They won and they deserved it. I had a great time through the rain and all.
Well I can't seem to think of anything else interesting... I really need to do this on a daily basis so everything is fresh in my mind!

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