Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bring it November

This month began with a wonderful farewell of a redneck Halloween! Joe and I hosted the party at my house and invited a couple of our close friends. We all dressed up like rednecks and acted like rednecks and ate like rednecks. (I'm now pretty positive that my cheap by of .75c packages of hot dogs were the cause of illness to a few of us:) The party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed passing out stickers to trick-or-treaters once we ran out of candy! Our house gets attacked by trick-or-treaters... it's a little ridiculous.
November 1st was Joe's birthday!! I had a simple day planned for him which started with me meeting him after his 7am class. I gave him his first present which was one of those multi colored ink pens. My car ate his previous one... so I just had to get him a better one! For lunch I took him to Quiznos. Joe always says that the way to his heart is through a sandwich! I also gave him his second present which was a new Thrice tshirt. Since we couldn't go to Thrice's concert in SL that night, I found it fairly appropriate ;) Once I was done with classes for the day. Joe got his final present which were pirate cookie cutters! Awesome right? We baked and decorated the cookies until it was time to head down to Texas Roadhouse in St. George with his family. Dinner was awesome and we finished the night with the best cake I have ever had in my life. Fionna made this  wonderfully delicious chocolate cake that I couldn't stop dreaming about for the next week! mmmm.... It was a fun day and chill birthday for Joe but I was really excited that I was able to spend the day with him!
I had an interview at Sports Authority last week, but i didn't get the job. I then came to the conclusion that all college towns need a mall to support the stinky job market like Cedar's. It seems like a simple fix eh? Why am I not be in politics... "I have all of the answers!"
My brain is getting to the point where it gives up and poops out. I'm really loosing it lately. Yesterday I thought there 380 degrees in a circle and I had to consciously think about which pedal in my car was the break. Joe blames it on the family microwave... the microwave that heats the plate rather than the food, which also does not turn off when you open the door haha I think we're fine!
Mom and Dad were gone all last week on a cruise to the Caribbean, so I got to play mom for a week. Cassi and i had a good time but I am sure glad that they are home now. I like not worrying about things like that haha I've got some time.
Well I think that is enough of my sporadic thoughts for night. peace!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun fun fun!

I have been sooo busy these past few weeks that I honestly forget that I want to remember my life one day. It's an on going cycle that I think I will struggle with for the rest of my life :) So for the sake of time I will now bullet list my life because this is how I do things anyway!
1. I went to see Yellowcard! It was the best night of my life and my dreams came true after we got to meet the band!
2. The Ultimate Frisbee club went to tournament in Logan and we won one of four games. This was my first tournament that I have played in and it was really pretty fun. The girls got an award for schooling the other guys teams. (I just need to make record of that)
3. Psych's new season started a few weeks ago. I love psych. I want to meet Gus and Shaun, that is my lifelong dream. Joe also got the new IphoneS... and guess who got the psych Ipone cover too? yeah, pretty jealous :)
4. Along with my secret tv obsession I have also been keeping up-to-date with Modern Family and Pan Am!
5. I need a hair cut. My hair is so unhealthy, i'm working on that.
6. I am also working on getting another job. I am currently a Peer Mentor on campus. It is a really nice job but I am not getting enough hours... such is the need for another job. The problem with this however is the Cedar City job market. Oh wait, there isn't one!
7. Over Fall break, Joe and I made a spontaneous trip to Centerville Utah to visit his sisters family. We met up with his friend Caitlin and did a lot of window shopping and eating delicious foods. Joe took me to California Pizza Kitchen for my first time and I tried the pear gorgonzola pizza. Needless to say, I have a new addiction.
8. Joe and I also carved our first pumpkin this past weekend... it's freakin' awesome. I love it!
9. I am currently in the process of planning and throwing my first Halloween party. The theme is Redneck! I'm stoked.
10. I am also currently working on a diet plan that consists of chocolate, cheese, bread and french fry's... bah I wish. This is more a list of what my diet consists of lately and the result of my unwanted lovehandles and thighs.
11. Our family participated in a cancer walk here in Cedar in honor of Grandma. Janet gave us all matching "fight like a girl" shirts. It was a really neat experience.

The backstage pass we literally just walked into!
I was freaking out with excitement!

 Our group :Weston, me, Kyle, Joe and Jacob with the band!

 The SUU Militia at the Big Sky Tournament in Logan

 The pun'kin Joe and I made. Terrifying huh?

The "Fight like a girl" team!

 The whole gang :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall begins

The weather has been cooling so nicely lately, i really appreciate fall weather... It is chilly but still sunny, I love it!
Two weekends ago was SUU's homecoming. There were some fun activities during the week but it was all about Friday and Saturday.My recent goal in life is to win an Ipad so I attend any activity I can that offers one for a drawing. The last Ipad event of the week was on Friday for President Benson's campaign for the school. It was a lavish event with food stations and music and an outstanding firework show. (I know what my student fee's are paying for:) They also had two bands that evening for both the donors and students to listen to. The band for the students was okay... it became an epic night after it just started pouring during the middle of the concert. There was lightning everywhere! It was so close and was enough to have the concert cancelled so then hundreds of kids are sprinting across campus in the lightning and to their cars. It was amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Sadly I must admit I did not win the Ipad, but I did have a near death experience.
Saturday the Ultimate Frisbee club was a part of the homecoming parade. Joe drove his dad's '65 corvette stingray.... and I got to ride in the passenger seat. I will not lie.. I felt so super cool. C'mon it's a super sweet car!  We finished the night off with a win for SUU football where we creamed a Texas school haha.
Joe gave his first lesson in Gospel Doctrine that Sunday and he did such a great job. He'd never taught a lesson before so he was very hard on how he did, but I loved it!

The school week has become a large jumble of school work and quizzes along with homework and work. My job is interesting in that I don't have set hours, just students that I must work with so that they can excel... I feel like I may not be the best candidate for this simply because I struggle in school too.. a lot. But such is life and I am taking advantage of my super part-time job. I am grateful for the extra money in my lowly financial state :)
The frisbee club attended a tournament at Utah State in Logan this past weekend. It was a lot of fun to play other teams and players. Joe had his first expereince at Texas Roadhouse ( I forgot to take pictures and am mad at myself for lack of documentation) and needless to say he fell in love with the glorious place of meat and rolls. We won 1 out of 4 games which was great for us. Next time we'd like to get enough girls to make a lady team so we can get more playing time.
Joe is near the end of his dental school application. I am so excited for him and hope everything goes the way he wants. He's such a hard worker and is so diligent in his schoolwork that I know he is going to do great things.
Grandma is having a rough time battling her cancer. Her treatments are becoming very uncomfortable and miserable. It's hard to know how to support someone you love going thorough such a difficult trial as this. I pray for her daily and hope for the best.
I am very excited for General Conference this upcoming weekend. After taking the Teaching of Modern Prophets Institute class last semester I have found stronger appreciation for Conference. Joe and I will be watching with his family at their cabin in Brian Head. It's a really fun tradition they have and I love being a part of it. Joe also spoke in church this past Sunday and read to us his questions he hopes to have a direction of answer to after Conference, I loved this idea and am currently working on doing the same.
I am so grateful for everything I have and am excited for what my life has to offer. This is rather sentimental eh? Enough for one post I suppose:)

Oh, just our ride in the parade...

A project for my Education Decisions class.. I was really excited about how my first bulletin board turned out. Who knew it took so much effort to make a giant scrapbook page?

The SUU Militia at the Homecoming parade.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A quick update from the past few weeks of life..
Joe has been wanting to go camping for a long time and since camping really is not my thing I kept declining the offer. I finally gave in since the weather is just perfect in Cedar right now. We left Friday night with Justin, Weston, Joe and myself to set up camp because Stephanie and Kyle wouldn't be able to drive up until after they got off work. They boys wanted to camp at Duck Creek but it was already full when we got there, so we drove down the mountain a little bit to Navajo Lake. We pulled up right next to this humungo lake and made camp a little up the hill. It was such a gorgeous area (and it even had a nice bathroom too) Joe, Justin and I started to set up the tents while we sent our pyro Weston to collect wood and start the fire. We got the first tent set up really easy and then pulled out the second one for the girls. As we were unrolling the plastic we soon realized that this large piece of mesh and plastic was in fact a canopy, not a tent. I got a little worried because we girls could not stay in the boy tent... no sir ree. So Joe and Justin drove down the mountain until they got service so they could call Kyle to bring up an actual tent. We waited around chatting at the fire untill Kyle and Stephanie came. It was super chilly and dark so we wanted to get that tent set up quick! As we tried to setting up, we came to realize (again) that our bag was not a tent, but a rain guard and poles. I freaked out a little bit because there was no way the girls and boys were sharing a tent but it actually turned out really great because Stephanie and I slept in Joe's new car... which ended up being so comfy and really warm. I ate my weight in s'mores that night ( we learned to use reese's cups and rolos along with the generic s'more)  The camping trip turned out to be a whole bunch of fun. Who know's maybe I'll go again someday ;)

This is my next s'more adventure... Strawberry jelly and strawberries??! yum.
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Since Joe is the Ultimate Frisbee club president I thought this year I would give it a try and join the club to play. It's been a whole lot of fun playing with everyone. I'm still learning all the rules and techniques but I think i'm catching on. I have also been trained trained to call it "disk," apparently frisbee has a bad connotation.
We play "disk" every Tuesday and Thursday evening, it's so nice to do something active once I'm done with school for the day. I also swim every MWF morning to try and keep myself in shape even if I don't feel like I am.
School has been pretty good up to this week. Human Biology is really kicking my butt. Luckily I have a really smart boyfriend who is a genius so he helps me out a lot. My first test for Human Bio is this week so we'll have to see how that goes. I'm also working this week on making a bulletin board for my education class. I honestly had no idea how much preparation goes into making one. It has been a lot harder than thought getting materials and supplies.
Yesterday we went to the first home football game at SUU. They won and they deserved it. I had a great time through the rain and all.
Well I can't seem to think of anything else interesting... I really need to do this on a daily basis so everything is fresh in my mind!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


That's right! After months of watching my bank account slowly dwindle away I can now start to live again!
I was offered the job of a peer mentor on campus. I'm so excited about this position... It's pretty much my thing:)
It was great news to start off the weekend! Joe and I decided to take a trip to St. George Friday afternoon. He had some errands to run down there and after we hung out with Megan. It was really fun to see her and talk about how crazy things are! Lots of changes in apt 206. We ate at Jimmy Johns and it was soooooo goooood.... so good. And also got cupcakes at the Sweet Tooth Fairy. A night of delicious food means a Saturday of working it all off. (this probably means my oreo chocolate chip cookies are a no go.. cause we know I'll eat all of them) There were lightning storms last night and we saw 3 fires start on the mountains where lightning struck. They were burning so fast it looked like lava... it was really cool to watch!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My kitchen stories

Last week I decided to be adventurous and make pretzel bites like the ones from Pretzel Maker in the mall. Joe really likes these little pieces of deliciousness and I thought it would be a nice trick. I used a recipe from (click if you want the recipe) I usually get intimidated when a recipe uses yeast (it's probably because it's alive) but I found that this was pretty simple. I used my moms kitchen aid to make the dough and the cutting of the dough was easy peasy. But as usual, I screwed up along the way. The recipe called for 2 quarts of water and a 1/2 cup of baking soda. I, not really understanding anything I read, decide that I'm going to boil my pretzel bites in about 2 cups of water to a 1/2 cup of  baking soda. In my mind it seemed liked a lot but that didn't stop me! Away I go boiling my bites and prepping them for the oven. They looked soooo good by the time they came out! Then... I ate one... blech. My mom's response was they tasted like soap and Joe liked them until he had to stop chewing. Needless to say my hopeful pretzel bites were a disaster.
I'm debating on what I want to bake for this weekend... something simple right?
These chocolate chip oreo cookies are looking mighty delightful.
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