Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun fun fun!

I have been sooo busy these past few weeks that I honestly forget that I want to remember my life one day. It's an on going cycle that I think I will struggle with for the rest of my life :) So for the sake of time I will now bullet list my life because this is how I do things anyway!
1. I went to see Yellowcard! It was the best night of my life and my dreams came true after we got to meet the band!
2. The Ultimate Frisbee club went to tournament in Logan and we won one of four games. This was my first tournament that I have played in and it was really pretty fun. The girls got an award for schooling the other guys teams. (I just need to make record of that)
3. Psych's new season started a few weeks ago. I love psych. I want to meet Gus and Shaun, that is my lifelong dream. Joe also got the new IphoneS... and guess who got the psych Ipone cover too? yeah, pretty jealous :)
4. Along with my secret tv obsession I have also been keeping up-to-date with Modern Family and Pan Am!
5. I need a hair cut. My hair is so unhealthy, i'm working on that.
6. I am also working on getting another job. I am currently a Peer Mentor on campus. It is a really nice job but I am not getting enough hours... such is the need for another job. The problem with this however is the Cedar City job market. Oh wait, there isn't one!
7. Over Fall break, Joe and I made a spontaneous trip to Centerville Utah to visit his sisters family. We met up with his friend Caitlin and did a lot of window shopping and eating delicious foods. Joe took me to California Pizza Kitchen for my first time and I tried the pear gorgonzola pizza. Needless to say, I have a new addiction.
8. Joe and I also carved our first pumpkin this past weekend... it's freakin' awesome. I love it!
9. I am currently in the process of planning and throwing my first Halloween party. The theme is Redneck! I'm stoked.
10. I am also currently working on a diet plan that consists of chocolate, cheese, bread and french fry's... bah I wish. This is more a list of what my diet consists of lately and the result of my unwanted lovehandles and thighs.
11. Our family participated in a cancer walk here in Cedar in honor of Grandma. Janet gave us all matching "fight like a girl" shirts. It was a really neat experience.

The backstage pass we literally just walked into!
I was freaking out with excitement!

 Our group :Weston, me, Kyle, Joe and Jacob with the band!

 The SUU Militia at the Big Sky Tournament in Logan

 The pun'kin Joe and I made. Terrifying huh?

The "Fight like a girl" team!

 The whole gang :)

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