Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bring it November

This month began with a wonderful farewell of a redneck Halloween! Joe and I hosted the party at my house and invited a couple of our close friends. We all dressed up like rednecks and acted like rednecks and ate like rednecks. (I'm now pretty positive that my cheap by of .75c packages of hot dogs were the cause of illness to a few of us:) The party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed passing out stickers to trick-or-treaters once we ran out of candy! Our house gets attacked by trick-or-treaters... it's a little ridiculous.
November 1st was Joe's birthday!! I had a simple day planned for him which started with me meeting him after his 7am class. I gave him his first present which was one of those multi colored ink pens. My car ate his previous one... so I just had to get him a better one! For lunch I took him to Quiznos. Joe always says that the way to his heart is through a sandwich! I also gave him his second present which was a new Thrice tshirt. Since we couldn't go to Thrice's concert in SL that night, I found it fairly appropriate ;) Once I was done with classes for the day. Joe got his final present which were pirate cookie cutters! Awesome right? We baked and decorated the cookies until it was time to head down to Texas Roadhouse in St. George with his family. Dinner was awesome and we finished the night with the best cake I have ever had in my life. Fionna made this  wonderfully delicious chocolate cake that I couldn't stop dreaming about for the next week! mmmm.... It was a fun day and chill birthday for Joe but I was really excited that I was able to spend the day with him!
I had an interview at Sports Authority last week, but i didn't get the job. I then came to the conclusion that all college towns need a mall to support the stinky job market like Cedar's. It seems like a simple fix eh? Why am I not be in politics... "I have all of the answers!"
My brain is getting to the point where it gives up and poops out. I'm really loosing it lately. Yesterday I thought there 380 degrees in a circle and I had to consciously think about which pedal in my car was the break. Joe blames it on the family microwave... the microwave that heats the plate rather than the food, which also does not turn off when you open the door haha I think we're fine!
Mom and Dad were gone all last week on a cruise to the Caribbean, so I got to play mom for a week. Cassi and i had a good time but I am sure glad that they are home now. I like not worrying about things like that haha I've got some time.
Well I think that is enough of my sporadic thoughts for night. peace!

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